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Frommhold Bunzlauer Pottery

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Frommhold Bunzlauer Pottery

Caterina Ltd. imports the beautiful yet functional German pottery from the Frommhold workshops in Saxony Germany. Frommhold was founded in 1851 by Carl Louis Frommhold and the workshop remains with the fifth generations of the Frommhold family. It is the only traditional workshop still active in Saxony. Frommhold ceramics hare hand-made in the traditional Bunzlauer style. The style first appeared in the early 12th century. "Bunzlau" is the name of the town where the pottery originated. The soil surrounding the town was and still is rich in clay used for both the creation of the pottery and the glaze. The pottery is handmade and decorated using the sponge technique. Originally the ceramics were all produced in a rich hazelnut glaze, but eventually deep blues, greens and whites were intorduced. Caterina Ltd. proudly carries a wide range of Frommhold ceramics from potato pots to Christmas ornaments. The ceramics are fired at 2400°F making them microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

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