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Chateau du Bois Lavender

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Chateau du Bois Lavender

Caterina Ltd. is delighted to offer the exquisite lavender body care products of Le Chateau du Bois, created in Provence, France. But we are running out! Our last order was never filled and have been advised we will not receive more product! Please accept our sincerest apologies; this situation is out of our control. Although many manufacturers use lavender scents, most do not use "fine" or "true" lavender (lavandula vera). Le Chateau du Bois grows its own fine lavender from seed in the arid mountains of Provence; others opt instead to use the higher yielding sterile hybrid, lavandine. Lavandine, however, while furnishing a potent smell, lacks the healing properties of fine lavender. Le Chateau du Bois' Fine Lavender grows only above 800 meters in the mountains of Provence. It possesses a combination of naturally occurring active compounds that contribute to its legendary healing powers. Linalol, a natural alcohol, kills bacteria and viruses, and also helps heal burns, wounds and sores. Pain relief and muscle relaxation are produced by ketones, which assist in alleviating insomnia and sore muscles. Esters help regulate mood, relieving depression and hysteria. Acting together, these compounds produce the wonderfully soothing qualities of fine lavender.

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